Great visit to Tokyo’s National Centre for Children’s Health and Development (NCCHD)!

Thank you to Drs Sago, Ito and Isayama for a wonderful  visit to Tokyo’s National Centre for Children’s Health and Development (NCCHD)! I enjoyed learning more about each of your research along with Dr Tomo Suzuki’s. Congratulations on your new evidence-based approach to PTB management! I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with your colleagues in Neonatology, Obstetrics, Ob Medicine, Ob Anesthesia, Pharmacology and your trainees!

Visit to Nagano and Azumino City

I appreciated Professor Nakamura’s hospitality in Nagano and Azumino City!  It was great to discuss neonatal and antenatal management of preterm birth with him and Drs Masayo KokuboKeisuke NakajimaMiyoko Terao, and Dalia Rodriguez Reyes (from Monterrey, Mexico). Thank you for a wonderful visit and delicious dinner in “the Japanese Alps” as you taught me your area is called, with good reason!

McMaster remains tops for research intensity

We are pleased to learn that for a third year consecutively, McMaster is the most research-intensive university in Canada! On average, researchers at McMaster earned $439,500 (more than 2x the national average), and McMaster’s total sponsored research income has increased by more than $12 million from last year to a total of $391.6 million. We are excited to learn about the future advances in research that McMaster has to offer in the coming year!

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For further information, the original article can be located here.

Congratulations to Dr. Morfaw!

Dr. Morfaw was one of the three recipients of this year’s David Sackett scholarship, an annual award in the HEI Department (Health Research Methods, Evidence, & Impact) that recognizes academic and research excellence.

Congratulations to 
Dr. Morfaw on this award that recognized his very hard work during his PhD, which he remarkably completed in only 2 years!

Welcome New Team Members!

We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to all new team members!

Dr. Frederick Morfaw is an obstetrician from Cameroon who has joined the team as a postdoctoral fellow in perinatal clinical epidemiology and systematic review/meta-analysis (SRMA). He has recently successfully defended his PhD here with Dr. Lehana Thabane, the head of the Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact Department.

Megan Briggs is a nurse who previously worked at the obstetrical unit at West Lincoln, one of our Level 1 hospital’s in the region, and more recently at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. She is currently working on her Perinatal Nursing Certificate in high risk obstetrics.

Emma Koster, Josephine Ding and Jake Colautti are Bachelor of Health Science students at McMaster, who will be joining the team as student research assistants!

We look forward to working towards improving the health of women and children together!

Canadian Institute of Health Research: The Faces of Health Research

We are excited to share a piece published in the CIHR’s health research storybook: The faces of health research. Available in the July 2019 CIHR Access Newsletter, ‘Preventing Preterm Birth and its Consequences’ describes Dr. McDonald’s personal experiences, the team’s research on progesterone as a preventative measure against preterm birth, as well as our other current endeavours.

More details are available here.