We would like to congratulate Kiran Ninan, a MSc student on our team, for his presentation entitled, “Long-term neurodevelopmental and psychological outcomes after prenatal exposure to antenatal corticosteroids: A systematic review and meta-analysis”.  The systematic review found that antenatal corticosteroid (ACS) exposure may be associated with increased risks of mental/behavioural disorders, suggesting a need for caution with ACS administration.

The presentation was recognized as the Best Obstetrics Oral amongst all junior members at the 77th Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada!

The abstract can be found here.

Thank you to Dr Graeme Smith and the The MotHERS™ Podcast team!

A tremendous thank you to The MotHERS Podcast team for the featured episode titled “Delayed Cord Clamping”. Click here to listen to season 1, episode 12 of the series!

The MotHERS™ podcast, hosted by Dr. Graeme Smith, aims to provide a reliable source of education about pregnancy on the internet in an effort to improve mother’s health through education, research, and screening. For more information, please visit:

Congratulations to Sugee Korale Liyanage and Kiran Ninan for their recent publication!

Congratulations to Sugee Korale Liyanage and Kiran Ninan for their recent publication “Guidelines on Deferred Cord Clamping and Cord Milking: A Systematic Review” in Pediatrics! This article was also the subject of a commentary in the same edition, written by Douglas Blank and Susan Niermeyer!

Thank you to our wonderful team members for their ongoing commitment to excellence in research and dedication to the team!

This publication can be viewed online here.

The commentary can be viewed online here.

Congratulations to our SOGC presenters!

Congratulations to the presenters for their presentations and posters at the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s (SOGC) 76th Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference (ACSC)!

    • Congratulations to Kiran Ninan (who has been with the team several years, and soon to be an MSc student with the team), Sugee Korale Liyanage (former BHSc/MSc student at U of T med)and Rifaa Ali (2nd year BHSc) for their oral presentation “What do clinical practice guidelines suggest for deferred cord clamping for preterm and term infants and how evidence-based are they? A systematic review” (Ninan K, Liyanage SK, Ali R, McDonald SD, short-listed for an award as Best of Three!) 

 Kiran’s oral presentation available here.

    • Congratulations to Dr. Marinela Grabovac for her poster “Deferred cord clamping in twins: a retrospective cohort study” (Dr. M Grabovac, Dr. M Beltempo, Dr. J Yang, Dr. J Beyene, Dr. A Lodha, Dr. A Grigoriu, Dr. K Barrington, Dr. C O’Quinn, Dr. S McDonald).

Dr. Grabovac’s poster presentation available here. 

    • Congratulations to Dr. Ali Marseu, a final year Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow, for her poster “Clinician Delphi on mode of delivery in extremely preterm breech singletons”! Thank you to Dr. Lina Santaguida, clinical epidemiologist par excellence for her wise input! (Dr. A Marseu, Dr. G Moore, Dr. P Santaguida, Dr. S McDonald).

Dr. Marseu’s poster presentation available here.



Welcome to our new team members!

We are excited to introduce the three new team members who will joining us!

Welcome to Prarthana Franklin-Luther, who is finishing up her PhD in social sciences with a focus on maternal-child outcomes!

Welcome to Dr. Gabe Shapiro, who completed his PhD in perinatal epidemiology with Bill Fraser and has been continuing to work since that time in perinatal and clinical epidemiology!

Welcome to Margot Ferguson, a McMaster undergraduate who will be starting 3rd year in the fall who is part of the Integrative Science program!

We are looking forward to working together and improving the health of women and infants!

Knowledge Translation with CPBF

We have an exciting opportunity to undertake Knowledge Translation by partnering with our parent organization, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) for a Live Facebook session on prevention of prematurity with Fabiana Bacchini. Fabiana is a writer who had extremely preterm twins. The video can be accessed on June 26, 2020 at 1:00pm on CPBF’s website, which is linked here.

Congratulations to Dr. Ali Marseu!

Dr. Ali Marseu’s work on “Clinician Delphi on mode of delivery in extremely preterm breech singletons” (Dr. A Marseu, Dr. G Moore, Dr. P Santaguida, Dr. A Mukerji, under the supervision of Dr. S McDonald) was accepted as a poster presentation at the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s Annual Clinical Scientific Conference (SOGC ACSC)! Congratulations again to Dr. Marseu, who will be joining Kiran Ninan and Dr. Marinela Grabovac as presenters at the 76th SOGC ACSC in June 2020!

We are looking forward to our team’s showcase of their important research!