CIHR Clinician-Investigator Team

Dr. McDonald is pleased to contribute to a CIHR Clinician-Investigator Team with Dr. Beth Murray-Davis, co-Principal Investigator (MW, PhD, McMaster), and other co-Principal Investigators Drs. Nir Melamed (MFM, Sunnybrook) and Howard Berger (MFM, St Michael’s).

PIs mentors RAs RC DOH Net 2018

The CIHR-funded McMaster-University of Toronto team grant includes:

Karizma (RC), Dr. Joel Ray (Mentor), Dr. Haroon Hassan (analyst), Dr. Nir Melamed (co-Principal Investigator), Dr. Beth Murray-Davis (co-Principal Investigator), Dr. Howard Berger (co-Principal Investigator), Dr. Sarah McDonald (Mentor), and 2 of our great research assistants.